Parallel fastener set 8

Parallel-Verbindungssatz 8 wie HS208PARVB myaluprofil
Parallel-Verbindungssatz 8
Parallel-Verbindungssatz 8
Technical data
Serie: Groove 8
Typ: I
Dimensions (mm): 29 x 20 x 24
Material: ST verzinkt
Weight: 0,037 Kg
TIN: 101979
CAD Data
from stock

Please note
The parallel connection set 8 allows an arbitrary right-angled and movable connection of two profiles without profile processing. By tightening the maggot screw with an inner hexagonal key, both profiles can be fixed in a well-worn turning position up to 360° in the earliest mounting time and adjusted and shifted by loosening the screw on profiles

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